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Means having a home that understands your tastes and expectations. A home that can deliver simplicity with one button. Imagine pressing the goodnight button and having your garage doors close, the security system arm, thermostats readjust and the lights in the entire house are adjusted to your taste. Or never returning to a dark home again.
Is feeling safe and secure when you are home and know it is protected while you are away. Imagine having security cameras on the pool, the infants room, the driveway, the front door and being able to view them from any TV, touchpanel or cell phone.
Is having a place to enjoy your music, sports, cable TV, portrait show and favorite movies. Imagine sliding into your favorite chair while still in your pajamas, picking up a simple to use touchscreen remote, pressing one button and BAM you're transformed to a new exciting atmosphere.
Whole house adio distribution allows you to enter any room and with the touch of a single button enjoy your choice of music from an Ipod, am/fm tuner, internet radio, satellite radio, digital files from your pc or any other audio source.
Cool New Toys
Imagine being able to control the lights and thermostats from any room in the house or from anywhere in the world using your laptop or cell phone.